Bethphage is Supporting World Environment Day!

Bethphage is proud to mark World Environment Day 2023. In recent years we have increased our focus on how we can reduce our impact on the environment as an organisation; from installing solar panels at our head office  to the creation of our new Green Plan.

Our Green Plan will help us stay on track as an organisation and encourages staff and people we support to make changes to their own lives. We will be updating everyone on our Green Plan and how we intend to cut down our climate impact over the next few months. 

Change can start small; for example, we can all cut down our use of single-use plastic. From crisp packets to vegetables packed in plastic, tackling single-use plastic in our everyday lives is an easy way to make a difference.

If less plastic is used, less ends up polluting our land, rivers and oceans.

Did you know there are five huge patches of plastic rubbish in our oceans? The largest is the Great Ocean Garbage Patch which is larger than France! 

Let’s detox single use plastic, here’s how:

  • Switch to reusable coffee cups
  • Pick up as much litter as you can
  • Buy unwrapped veg and fruit
  • 100% of aluminium cans and glass bottles can be recycled, the chemicals used to make plastic takes years to break down & when it does it threatens nature and our health, so using less is good for everyone.
  • On your next shopping trip, consider switching from shower gel and shampoo in plastic bottles to bars of soap & shampoo

Latest Bethphage News

Local Artist Celebrates Eglantyne Jebb

Local Artist Celebrates Eglantyne Jebb

Local Artist and Ellesmere Library Assistant, Sally, is creating an illustrated booklet for the people of Ellesmere to celebrate the life and times of local hero and co-founder of “Save the Children”, Eglantyne Jebb.

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Shared Lives celebrate another successful Drop In

Shared Lives celebrate another successful Drop In

As part of Bethphage 30th birthday celebrations, we are hitting the road, visiting some of our fantastic services, starting with Shropshire Shared Lives.

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Thomas Triumphs at Film Festival

Thomas Triumphs at Film Festival

Thomas’ film, “Racism: The Ugly Face of Football”, created as a part of our “BeDirect” film project, was recently screened at the Borderlines Film Festival!


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