FlexAssist's 35 Miles for Bethphage

FlexAssist’s Owner, Helen Pugh, has begun her “35 miles for Bethphage” challenge. The challenge will see Helen undertake a gym triathlon through rowing, recumbent cycling, and arm cycling across 35 miles (the equivalent of travelling from Shrewsbury Castle to Dudley Zoo and Castle!) with the aim of raising £500 by the 31st of December 2023.

Helen said:

“I have faced mobility issues and various health challenges since 2019. However, I firmly believe that, regardless of our personal struggles, we can all contribute to making a difference. That’s why I’ve decided to embark on a meaningful journey.

This endeavor will demand dedication and hard work, particularly as I may need some downtime due to my ongoing struggles with fatigue and joint issues.

Bethphage’s dedication to improving the lives of the people they support resonates with me deeply. My daughter, Lucy, is a dedicated member of the Bethphage team, and her commitment to their mission has shown me the profound impact of their work. Also, my stepdaughter, Emily, benefits from organisations like Bethphage in the area she resides in. Witnessing the positive influence of charities like Bethphage has made me even more passionate about supporting their cause.”

We are so pleased to have Helen’s support through her business FlexAssist, which provides business support to property professionals, including property sales, lettings, management, short term holiday lets and auctions.

As a charity, we rely on fundraising and donations to help us fund activities and equipment for the people we support so they can follow their interests and hobbies and lead fulfilling lives. Helen supported us earlier this year in fundraising for our summer party which was attended by our staff, people we support and shared lives carers.

Stef Kay, our CEO said:

“Having met Helen when she supported our dog walk earlier in the year, I am thrilled at the lengths that Helen is going to in order to support Bethphage. Social care is facing the biggest challenge in our lifetimes, and I am deeply saddened at the hardship which this government has created for disabled people up and down the country.

Helen has challenged herself to raise £500 and I am thrilled that she has decided to do this for the benefit of Bethphage. We rarely get such kind offers of fundraising, so we are super grateful for any funds that this generates.

Thank you and good luck Helen, it is a remarkable thing you are doing for Bethphage and we hope that everyone that can afford to, contributes to your goal and we hope the personal impact on you is not too arduous, you are amazing!”

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