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International Work

VincentwebBethphage is part of an international alliance called IMPACT.  Bethphage`s partners in IMPACT are currently: Mosaic USA; Christian Horizons Canada and Motivation Romania

Bethphage is working in Kisumu, Kenya in partnership with the Diakonia Compassionate Ministry (DCM) which is part of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya. The project that was launched in October 2007 is called A Community of Excellence and is providing community based services for the graduates of the Kisumu Lutheran School for Disabled Children and Young People. This includes at-home support, job placement support, public advocacy and work to promote the integration of disabled children in mainstream public schools.

IMPACT has provided US$30,000 for this project to:

  • improve the economic status of young adults with disabilities
  • improve educational opportunities for disabled children
  • improve healthcare for disabled children and young adults
  • public advocacy and
  • to build two homes each for one person with a disability

In the last year of the project, DCM have also employed a sustainability co-ordinator to ensure the benefits of the project continue when the IMPACT funding ends.  This is the second project Bethphage and IMPACT have delivered in Kenya with DCM.

The photographs below were taking during a monitoring visit in 2016 when IMPACT representative Rich Carman delivered training in person centred planning.  During his visit, Rich also got to meet with Paul who will be living in one of the two project houses and members of his family, DCM staff and even the local Police commissioner.

DCM's Retreat Centre, main building, hostel wing and training centre

Special Education and DCM Staff after one of our meetings

Some of the Nymbi Primary School children

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