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Mencap Campaigning Workshop Inspires Bethphage!

On the 3rd of July some of our staff and the people we support attended the second Mencap: Treat Me Well workshop; this one was all about campaigns! Our very own Jess co-presented with Bindy (Mencap) brilliantly and it was great to see members from Taking Part and Creative Support there.

The Treat Me Well campaign is all about improving the treatment people with learning disabilities get in hospital, it is a national campaign led by local people!

Mencap did a  survey and found that only 1 in 4 hospital staff receive training on learning disabilities.  The Treat Me Well campaign wants to change this; Mencap have been working with the NHS to advocate for better learning disability training in hospitals and for the first time ever learning disability and autism are in the top 4 priorities of the NHS’s long term plan.


Everybody loved the interactivity, especially the ice breaker: hospital bingo!


During the workshop we learnt a lot about what campaigning was, examples of successful campaigns and talked about what would make a campaign work! We also shared a lot about our hospital experience and what we thought could be better. There was a great supportive atmosphere again and it was great to see everybody getting so involved.

We identified some key problems with our hospital experience we thought we could address using the P.E.S.T method!

P- Problem, what do we want to change?

E- Evidence, how do we know change is needed?

S- Solution, what could we do to change it?

T- Time, when will we do it?  

It was great to hear everyone’s ideas about improving their hospital experience!


We came away from the day with some great ideas and feeling motivated to get involved.

Hopefully there will be more good news to come; as the campaign is led by local people it also marked the beginning of Treat Me Well Shropshire! 

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