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Bethphage launches its Better Health Theme for 2019

Bethphage is thrilled to announce the formal launch of its Better Health Theme for 2019. Better Health is about Bethphage promoting and enabling our colleagues and the people we support to lead happier and healthier lives through activity and a balanced diet. Better health is also about better access to health care, and in particular for the people we support, better treatment when they receive health care. This is why Bethphage have been working with Mencap to support their Treat Me Well Campaign and we are delighted that Mencap are reciprocating by supporting us throughout the year through delivering a series of workshops in Shropshire for both our colleagues and people we support to empower us all to understand our rights when accessing healthcare and giving us the skills and confidence to ask for reasonable adjustments to improve the whole experience.

Bethphage will be promoting and organising Better Health initiatives throughout the year and are pleased to announce that, with the support of Energize, the campaign will be launched today through our Bethphage Better Health Survey which will be shared with all colleagues throughout the organisation. Energize will collate the findings of the survey and pull the information together to compile a work shop with some Bethphage colleagues at the next stage of our Better Health Theme which is the Better Health Day on Friday, 12th April 2019.

Better Health Day, Friday 12th April 2019

Being active can be fun!

Specially selected colleagues who have expressed an enthusiasm for our Better Health Theme are coming together to participate in a series of different workshops, all along the Better Health Theme.

Mencap – will talk to us about their Treat Me Well Campaign and introduce us to an inspiring local group from Dudley who have campaigned for better treatment at their local hospital.

Energize will be delivering a workshop based on the outcome of the Better Health Survey where they will find out from colleagues how active they are, what are the barriers to being active and how Bethphage can support them with being healthy.

We also will have workshops delivered by representatives from the NHS Trust. One on nutrition and an introductory workshop explaining specialist roles and how we can work together to provide better experiences and outcomes for adults with learning disabilities when accessing healthcare.

Further announcements and events to follow including parkruns for adults with learning disabilities and more Mencap workshops so please watch this space for updates!


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