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Bethphage’s Trustees Celebrate Long Term Service of Colleagues

 At our recent board meeting our Trustees took the time to celebrate that 14 colleagues reached their 10, 15 and 20 year milestones. They were invited to Shrewsbury to have lunch with our Trustees and receive their awards. The Trustees were keen to hear about the wonderful work they do and understand any difficulties, keeping them better informed to guide and steer the organisation in the right direction. The Trustees were also interested to hear what it is about Bethphage as an organisation that enables it to have such a high staff retention level for the care sector. Bethphage views it as a great compliment that so many of our colleagues stay with us and achieve long service awards.

Congratulations to everyone, including those who could not be there on the day and thank you for your hard work and dedication, supporting vulnerable people throughout Shropshire and the West Midlands.

Did you know we are recruiting Trustees? Please click here for more information.

10 years’ service

  • Atila
  • Derek,
  • Richard
  • Victoria
  • Bartlomiej
  • Hobokele
  • Janet

15 years’ service

  • Suzi
  • Mark
  • Cath
  • Peggy
  • Lisa
  • Diane

20 years’ service


  • Anita

Atila, Derek, Richard and Victoria, pose for a picture with Bethphage Trustees. ssion

Peggy, Mark and Suzi are all smiles for the camera with Bethphage Trustees.

Anita (centre) stands proud celebrating a fabulous 20 years service with Bethphage Trustees (left to right) Derek Lum- Chair, James Laing, Tony Aston, Irena Sobolewska, Ruth Houghton and Carol Mau

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