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Bethphage is proud to sign the STOMP Pledge!

At Bethphage’s last quarterly board meeting our Chief Executive,  Peter Loose and our Chair of Trustees, Derek Lum signed the Pledge for Social Care  Stopping Over Medication of People with a Learning Disability, Autism or Both (STOMP).

What is STOMP?

Bethphage’s Quality Manager Clare Shaw explained STOMP and the background behind it to the Bethphage Board of Trustees at the recent Board Meeting. It is believed that one in six people with a learning disability take psychotropic medication which they do not need. This equates to up to 35 000 people a day believed to be taking powerful medication, often with significant side effects which can impact on the quality of someone’s life without appropriate clinical justification. The pledge aims to improve the quality of life for people with a learning disability, autism or both by supporting providers to ensure they only receive psychotropic medication for the right reasons and in the right amount.

The Board were unanimous in their agreement to sign the pledge, believing that it fits with our core values and have asked Clare to report back to them on a quarterly basis on Bethphage’s progress against it. Working with other professionals, Bethphage has a duty to everyone it supports to ensure they are not being over medicated and that meaningful reviews of psychotropic  medication being prescribed are happening in a timely manner.

In pre empting Bethphage signing the pledge, Clare has already been educating our managers about the campaign and organised an internal review which Clare feels all managers have, “engaged fantastically well with,” creating service action plans which  has been  amalgamated into an organisational action plan which we will measure ourselves against.

For more information about The STOMP Campaign and how you can help go to VODG website.

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Bethphage's signed STOMP pledge is now framed and on display in reception at our Head Office in Shrewsbury

CEO Peter Loose (left) and Derek Lum, Chair of Trustees for Bethphage are pleased to sign the STOMP Pledge

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