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Another Great Treat Me Well Shropshire Meeting!

Last week the Shropshire Treat Me Well group met again to discuss our campaign & plan for the regional conference. We were once again joined by Bindy from Mencap, who braved the storm to get to us!

We started by introducing some of the new faces from Oak Farm to the group & the campaign. It was great to see everyone so involved!

Local Update

Our local update was next; at our last meeting we talked about the “People’s Academy”, a Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital Trust group that is made up of patients to help improve their experience. We are still very keen to join and were pleased to hear one of our members, Marlene, who is also a representative from Taking Part, has been invited!

We then discussed the idea of our group joining the “Easy Readers” group at the hospital trust; everybody seemed very positive about this idea & Bindy suggested that we look through other easy read leaflets that the hospital have produced. The “Easy Readers” group gives feedback on easy read leaflets the hospital produces to help them improve.

After that, we talked about some of our healthcare experiences, good & bad. Similarly to last time, there seemed to be a theme around doctors making people feel rushed and using complicated language. We talked about what could have made these experiences better; we had lots of great suggestions for reasonable adjustments!

We brainstormed a few ideas,big and small; we discussed the idea of a “mini patient passport” that people could take everywhere with them & the issues around transport to the hospital, especially on Sundays and evenings.

We also still want to focus on waiting times, as we believe it is an area where reasonable adjustments can be made. We would like to continue to collect evidence from Natalie’s survey, which we hope will demonstrate the need for some reasonable adjustments to take place.

National Update:

Bindy then shared news from the national campaign. This focused on the training & the upcoming regional conference. Mencap aims to support local groups to get involved in the training promised by the government. We are all keen to get involved in this training and are grateful for Mencap’s support in this.

Then it was time to discuss the regional conference! We are so pleased to be one of the groups selected to talk at the Treat Me Well regional conference. The aim of the conference is to bring groups together to discuss their campaigns & problem share. Following the meeting we brainstormed with the members of the group that would be presenting about what we would like to include in our presentation.

Our next meeting is scheduled for April, following the regional conference, if you would like anymore details please contact Lucy Piper ( ).







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