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Our Strategic Plan

Bethphage’s Board of Trustees approve a new strategic plan every 3-5 years and this becomes the operating framework for the organisation over the period of the plan. In April 2017, the board approved a new plan “Where Potential Comes to Life” setting out the goals for the next four years. The latest plan is set in the context of a successful and growing organisation which at the beginning of the plan:

  • Supports 150 people
  • Employs 280 staff
  • Delivers 7200 hours per week of support
  • Provides services to 5 local authorities
  • Has an annual turnover of £5.5 million
  • Has been judged “good” at inspection by CQC in all 5 domains and overall at all 8 registered locations

by the summer of 2018 we were

  • supporting 190 people
  • employing 320 staff
  • delivering 7500 hours per week of support and
  • have a projected annual turnover of £7.5 million

Our Mission, Vision and Core Values

For this strategic plan, the Board of Trustees have retained the existing mission statement “to be an excellent provider of services to people with disabilities and a slightly modified vision of “inclusive communities where all people have the opportunity to live the life they choose”.  Our core values also remained unchanged as:

  • Personal Growth
    • We create a safe and healthy environment where we provide positive feedback and support each other to reflect on actions and learn and grow from them.
    • Through personal growth we enable the people we support to maximise their independence and our staff to build their skills and knowledge to further their careers
  • Respect
    • We respect and value the diversity, individuality and views of everyone we come into contact with, fully considering each perspective before arriving at an agreed outcome.
    • Through respect, we encourage dignity, personalisation and the right to privacy and confidentiality
  • Active Involvement
    • We work together actively engaging and involving the people we support in everyday actions.
    • We positively encourage partnership and collaboration to give people real choice, control and influence and we support people to do things for themselves.
  • And Honesty
    • We work together in an open and honest way, taking responsibility and remaining accountable for our actions.
    • In demonstrating this core value we welcome feedback, challenging ourselves and others to be the best we can be and being transparent about our work.


Our Strategic Goals

Our new strategic plan considers the context in which we work, the services we currently operte and the resources we will require to deliver our plan.  It sets our six strategic goals for the period of the plan:

  • Positive Outcomes for All
  • Delivering high quality, person centred services that promote independence and enable the people we support to live the lives they choose
  • Developing a valued, positive and high performing workforce with the skills and motivation to meet the aspirations of the people we support
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Using development opportunities to generate economies of scale, optimise critical mass, ensure financial sustainability and create career pathways for our employees
  • Growing Bethphage at a rate consistent with sustaining our high quality, person centred values
  • Developing as a Positive Behaviour Organisation
  • Applying the key evidence-based aspects of Positive Behaviour Support approaches in our service delivery and in how we work with each other and our partners
  • In 2013 Bethphage committed to becoming a Positive Behaviour Organisation and at the start of the new business planning cycle, we are in a position to renew our commitment to these principles
  • Continuous Improvement and Social Responsibility
  • Actively encouraging feedback and engagement
  • Striving for greater aspirations and better outcomes for the people we support and for our staff as tomorrow’s excellence is always better than today’s
  • Positively influencing the communities where we work and supporting those in less well developed areas
  • Excellent Value and Quality
  • Following sustainable, efficient business practices to deliver high quality care at a fair price
  • Using evidence-based approaches to ensure prudent stewardship of our resources
  • Investing in the support of our staff for the long term
  • A Higher Focus on Communications and Promotion
  • Developing effective two-way communication systems which inform and empower our staff, the people we support, their families and everybody else with a legitimate interest in Bethphage activities
  • Sharing information and telling people what we do and what we intend to do.
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