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About us

Our Mission

To be an excellent provider of services for people with disabilities.

Our Vision

Our Vision is of inclusive communities where all people have the opportunity to live the life they choose.

What We Do

Bethphage is a charitable and specialist provider of support for adults (18+) with learning disabilities. Support can be 24/7 or for a few hours each week. We are also experienced at supporting people who may need a little extra help because of their physical disability, sensory impairment, mental health needs or autism.

We support people who live in their own home, a home they share with one or two other people, small residential registered care homes or where they live with their parents or other family members.

Bethphage supports people to make the most of their skills by helping them find work, go to college and enjoy their hobbies and interests. We can also support people to look after their money, go shopping or maybe just go out and have fun.

We are continuously working to become a Positive Behaviour Organisation (PBO). Using the concepts and values of positive behaviour support, we apply them to how we manage and lead our staff and to how staff behave with each other. We believe that, by being a PBO, we will make a significant difference to the quality of life of the people who use our services and make Bethphage an even better place to work.

Care Quality Commission

All of our services are registered with the Care Quality Commission and since the current inspection format was introduced, all Bethphage services to receive an inspection have been judged “good” in all 5 domains. Particular areas of our work that have been highlighted are:

  • our person centred planning
  • involvement of service users
  • staff training and development
  • safeguarding.

Service users and families interviewed by CQC Inspectors described the service that they received as “fantastic” and “as good as you can get”

The Care Quality Commission regulates the work we do, they want all providers to demonstrate they are running services that are SAFE, EFFECTIVE, CARING, RESPONSIVE and WELL-LED.  

What is Bethphage doing to ensure we meet the Care Quality Commission’s standards?

  • SAFE – All staff are trained in safeguarding to keep people as safe as possible, we also check staff understand this through a competency process, staff are trained in Mental Capacity and all identified risks are assessed with actions to minimise or reduce risks where necessary.
  • EFFECTIVE – All staff support people to achieve their outcomes which in turn results in better quality of life for people using our services. To achieve this we train all staff, we provide detailed policies and procedures and we support staff through supervisions and team meetings. Our goal to become a Positive Behaviour Organisation continues to make progress.
  • CARING – At Bethphage treating people with kindness, dignity, respect and compassion is second nature. Through our approach to being Person Centred, observing staff working & giving feedback, training sessions and supervisions we get to know our staff and help them to develop their approach and style which in turn creates better outcomes for the people they support.
  • RESPONSIVE – At Bethphage we work hard to listen to what people tell us, but we also know that we need to act on what people say and give them feedback, we encourage complaints from people, no matter how minor as it’s often the little things that matter. Our rota administrators work hard to reflect people’s needs and wants, which means our staff are very flexible to support changes and give people the best we can do.
  • WELL–LED – The Board of Trustees have the overall responsibility for the running and management of the organisation. They have quarterly, structured meetings with the executive team to focus on the key areas of the business – Operational quality, Finance and HR functions. Operationally our focus is on being person centred and working hard to provide good support which people enjoy and achieve good outcomes from. The management team from the Team Leaders through to the Operations Director provides a clear line of management accountability. Managers are supported and trained to work effectively with the support staff, mentoring, leading by example & supporting their teams to give of their best. The structure is supported by policies and procedures which underpin our ethos and values.

Where Do We Work?

We currently work across Birmingham, Shropshire, Telford, Walsall and Wolverhampton and are looking to expand our services into our neighbouring local authority areas – Dudley; Sandwell; Staffordshire; Worcestershire.

Our Core Values

Personal growth, active involvement, respect, honesty – these core values really shape how we work and make a positive difference to the quality of life for the people we support:

  • Personal Growth: We create a safe and healthy environment, where we provide positive feedback, support each other to reflect on actions and learn and grow from them.
  • Respect: We respect and value the diversity, individuality and views of everyone we come into contact with, fully considering each perspective before arriving at an agreed outcome.
  • Honesty: We work together in an open and honest way; taking responsibility and remaining accountable for our actions.
  • Active involvement: We work together, actively engaging and involving others to solve problems and deliver positive solutions within Bethphage and across the wider community.

(“We” in the above means everyone who uses Bethphage services and all those who work or volunteer for us.)


We believe that being a Charity makes an important difference. It’s why we place the people who use our services at the centre of all of Bethphage’s decision making. It’s why we employ six people with a learning disability to quality assure our services. It’s why we prioritise any surplus investment on new service development and not on share holder or owner profits.


We continue to invest in our staff and Train them to Level 3 and why all of our Managers have a Level 4/5 qualification. Our staff are our most important resource and we work hard to look after them, support them and develop them so that our services are reliable, responsive and of a consistently high quality.

Learning and Physical Disability reason5Specialists

We are a Learning and Physical Disability Specialist, so have the experience, creativity, skills and knowledge to provide support that is really person centred and will balance risk and safety with the opportunity to get the most out of life.

Fair Pricing

We believe we charge a Fair Price for a service that will be provided by staff who will take time to get to know the person they are supporting and who, in turn, will be supported by Managers who care passionately about providing a service that people will want to use.


In addition to our Head Office in Shrewsbury, we have three Local offices – Telford, Walsall, Whitchurch – and can provide a responsive service that will be personal to anyone who needs support and their family.


We are a Learning organisation which means, as well as developing our staff and playing an active role in our sector at a local, regional and national level, that we try and learn from our mistakes. This means that we constantly try and improve the service that we offer.


We work in Partnership with a range of other professionals – OTs, PTs, Speech and Language specialists, GPs, Social Workers and others, to ensure that all of the needs of the individual are met.

Gender Pay Gap Reporting

Gender pay reporting legislation requires employers with 250 or more employees to publish statutory calculations every year showing how large the pay gap is between their male and female employees.  Bethphage’s latest report for 2017/18 is published here and the previous report for 2016/17 is available here

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