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A Busy Month for Treat Me Well Shropshire!

The Treat Me Well Shropshire group met on Thursday the 19th of September to discuss our campaign progress and staff conference.

Survey Update:

The meeting got off to a great start, with Natalie sharing her survey on waiting times and findings. After our last meeting she conducted a mini-pilot survey to ensure we were all

Ann Marie with the volunteer coordinator at Wrexham hospital

happy with the questions and format. We all discussed method of distribution and will be sending both digital and hard copies out soon. This is the “evidence” part of the PEST strategy explained in our previous Treat Me Well Shropshire posts.

Following this meeting Natalie along with Alice and Mandy attended a meeting with the Lead for Patient Experience, Ruth Smith, at Telford hospital to discuss our campaign and what the Trust is currently doing to help people with learning disabilities have better healthcare experiences. It was a positive meeting with lots learned that we are excited to act on.

Hospitals Signs Update:

Next Ann Marie & Cheryl shared their experience of “Mystery Shopping” at Wrexham hospital. At our previous meeting we discussed the “Robins” volunteers, named for their red shirts. The “Robins” are a set of volunteers in North Wales hospitals that act as “befrienders” doing anything from making drinks to guiding you to your appointment. We discussed how beneficial it would be to see a similar service in Shropshire; especially as the signs in hospitals are not always easy to understand. On their visit, Ann Marie and Cheryl met up with the Robins and their coordinator and had a great discussion about how the service works.

During their discussion with Ruth at their meeting, Natalie, Alice & Mandy discovered that there is a similar service running in Telford!

Ann Marie & Cheryl also brought with them a sunflower lanyard, this is a scheme that signals to workers in shops, airports & hospitals etc. that you have a hidden disability and might need some assistance. While the scheme has grown massively this year, we discussed how important it is to ensure everyone is aware of it so it can be used as much as possible. You can find information on the scheme here.

To round off we discussed the upcoming Activism Week that started on the 14th of October, only days after our staff conference! During this week, up and down the country various events took place.

With our updates done and actions set it was time to discuss the Bethphage Staff Conference.

Bethphage Staff Conference 2019:

Natalie presenting at the Treat Me Well workshop

This year, along with Mencap, Treat Me Well Shropshire were featured at our staff conference in October. This was a great opportunity to spread our Treat Me Well message and get more staff and people we support involved.

Our staff conference was held on the 11th of October and we received extremely positive feedback for our Treat Me Well Shropshire workshop.  The workshop focused on explaining the Treat Me Well campaign and the importance of everyone knowing their rights in hospitals, presented by Jess and Bindy. Natalie and Ann Marie then went on to explain what our local group is doing.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Bindy from Mencap, Jessica, Natalie and Ann Marie for all their hard work on the day!

Activism Week:

Our Craft creations!

On Thursday the 17th of October as a part of Mencap’s Activism Week, our Treat Me Well Shropshire group hosted a craft morning. The event was well attended, there were lots of familiar faces from our Treat Me Well Shropshire meetings and some new faces from some of our other services as well! It was great to see everyone getting involved and there were some brilliant creations! We were fortunate enough to be joined by Bindy from Mencap to help us host our session. We even managed to hold a Treat Me Well meeting to catch up

on all of our  campaigning!


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